November 27 - 28

5G infrastructure will become the engine of the connected world, it will change services, products and lifestyle. 

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Will You Be The Modern Winner?



Over the last decade, the way corporates innovate has changed significantly. Companies are going from in-house development to open innovation and are encouraged for collaboration with outsiders to co-create new solutions and find more effective ways to accelerate their innovation outcomes. Today corporate hackathon is the tool to enrich the innovation process, help identify new ideas and solutions, and create a unique competitive advantage of a corporate establishment.

Why to apply?

It pays off for every operating IT company to be part of an intense problem-solving environment, like hackathon, facilitate the creation of innovative concepts and solutions, which could become new products. It also enhances employee’s soft skills, like communication, presentation, and leadership. Comprehending the issues, challenges and mindset of a certain business area often leads to understanding of future market and offers a potential of a new market trendsetter. Hackathon is a shortcut to new contacts, international environment, experienced mentors, and direct approach to corporate decision-makers – everything need to conclude new partnerships.




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