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Drukarnia "Jasło" (Printing House) is a company which main priority is to provide a high quality product in the shortest possible time. In response to the needs of our customers, we have launched an innovative production of flexible packaging in offset technology. The technology is best suitable for short runs of very high quality products comparable to rotogravure. In additon we can print large volumes in HD flexo technology. In both cases we see the possibility of shortening the production process by replacing the currently printed proof proof prints - by accepting online files.

The challenge is to replace printed proof prints with online file acceptance.

Currently, each packaging printed in "Drukarnia Jasło" Printing House is accepted by the customer twice:

  1. Electronic "soft proof" - "pdf" file sent by e-mail, the customer accepts dimensions, texts, arrangement of elements and pre-coloring (about 24h)

  2. Proof printed on paper and sent by post to accept colors (48-72h)

Printed proof does not add any value to the production of the packaging and is only a cost that can account for even a few percent in the case of short runs. Elimination of acceptance of colors based on physically printed proofs would significantly shorten this process and allow faster delivery of packaging.

The most difficult issue is the correct simulation of packaging colors (triad and Pantone colors) on the computer display screen at the customer office and ensuring that what the customer sees at his computer is what the printing house will deliver as final packaging.

The following IT competencies are required to solve the challenge:

> good color management knowledge,

> software development.

A perfect solution would be a software that is able to display on different screens soft proof with matching colors

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