1. Challenge provided by the Owner must be relevant to 5G industry and Baltic Sea region;

  2. Challenge should correspond to the Company business strategy;

  3. Challenge must evolve a properly defined problem that has not been solved yet provide their acknowledgment of agreement to publish the Challenge on Hackathon website;

  4. A responsible representative from the Owner’s company should be appointed to lead a secure communication with the Organizers and Teams and to respond within 48h time period;

  5. Representative should have high-level of responsibility, authority and power in decision making, be capable to address technical, visionary and strategic issues put forward by the Teams;

  6. Owner is obliged to provide additional information, documentation and data (that is not sensitive) requested by the Team that is relevant for developing the Solution;

  7. Owner is expected to sign a Letter of Intention, thus confirming their good will for participation

  8. At least one representative of the Owner must be present at the Hackathon event in Riga;

  9. The Owner is expected to delegate an expert to participate in hackathon as a lecturer or a Mentor.