1. The legal entity represented by the Team must reside in any of Baltic Sea region countries and be an operating establishment;

  2. Team should provide a proven track record of developing innovative solutions;

  3. Team is expected to appoint one representative responsible for a secure communication between the Team and the Owner and capable of providing a response within 48h time period;

  4. Team should establish a secure communication and information sharing channel between the Team and the Owner;

  5. Team must be ready to devote enough time during 4-week period to work on a solution and be present at the Hackathon event in Riga;

  6. Team should meet the requirements of every Checkpoint during the 4-week development process;

  7. Team is expected to sign a Letter of Intention, thus confirming their good will for participation;

  8. It gives additional benefit if a sustainable product development team is formed, including, apart from software development, knowledge in product design, marketing, and business development.


  1. Solution is supposed to be benefiting for the Baltic Sea region;

  2. Teams final submission during the Hackathon should include an explanation of what the Solution does and how it should be used and verified. If it is possible, a prototype may be presented;

  3. Final pitching should include either presentation of the Solution or demonstration of a prototype.

Application Form