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Grupo La Caña, S.L. is a business group formed by MIGUEL GARCÍA SÁNCHEZ E HIJOS, S.A., EUROCASTELL CAÑA, S. L., HORTO‐VELEZ, S.A., CAÑA NATURE, S.L. y EJIDO CAÑA, S.L. Grupo La Caña, S.L. produces, commercialises, exports and imports horticultural products.

Number of employees: The latest data of the businesses that belong to Grupo La Caña have an average of 1400 employees. Company’s turnover: €160 billion in the past year. Future goals: To provide technological and strategic services to its companies. The research and development conducted place its companies in competitive advantage in their respective sectors.


Description of the Challenge:

As a result of the lack of non-invasive methods, Grupo La Caña currently measures quality parameters (brix levels of their tomato production or the dry matter of their avocadoes) on a small sample of their production. Consequently, their client receives a heterogeneous product concerning quality.

The challenge is to search and validate ideas for a solution that:

  • Enables the agri-food company to work on a greater sample

  • Is less invasive than the rest of the available methods

  • Provides quality parameters in real time

Preferred outcome of the Solution:

The goal is to conduct a successful cooperation with IT companies to submit an interdisciplinary collaboration project.

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