Acorus Calamus was established more than 15 years ago in Pakruojis. A business has grown into a modern plant complying with international production standards. The company's products are sold in all Lithuanian pharmacies and retail shopping centres. Their vision - Acorus Calamus - a producer of high-quality herbal products, a reliable partner in their distribution and sale to the public and an innovative expert in its field, applying the most up-to-date scientific achievements in its activities. Company has 22 employees and 2,5M turnover.

Description of the Challenge #1:

Lithuanian herbal tea manufacturer produces wide variety of teas. The assortment of teas comprises around 200 different products which are all high-quality medicinal herbal teas. The variety of products are composed of around 100 different types of plants. The tea ingredients are usually herbs, but they can also be a specific part of a tree or bush: bark, roots, fruits, leaves, blossoms and buds. The company is looking for a disinfection technology for killing bacteria and fungi that contaminate raw material. Raw material is collected directly from wild nature and might contain pathogens or other bacteria and fungi. In order to reach high quality standards imposed on food products it is required to kill all pathogens and to reduce the total amount of bacteria and fungi.

The specificity of the raw materials requires delicate treatment and therefore the disinfection process should be dry and not too high temperature. More precisely, when the raw material arrives at the processing plant, it has already been dried; the disinfection technology therefore shall not corrupt the tea-character of the raw materials.

Preferred outcome of the Solution #1:

Technical cooperation agreement is sought with partners who have experience in disinfecting food products. The partner should provide a complete solution to the problem.

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