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BIRŽŲ DUONA is one of the oldest, biggest and most advanced Lithuanian capital bread bakeries established in 1953 in Biržai, Lithuania. The company is high evaluated as a producer of rye bread. Also produces 100 % rye breads, rye-wheat breads, wheat breads, long loafs, bread sticks (it. Grissini), croissants, pies, buns, donuts, cookies, and puddings. The main goal of the bakery is to provide unique and delicious pastries of the highest quality for every consumer. Production is made of the highest quality raw material, there is applied newest technologies in manufacturing and the long-term experience is used. Long term investments to advanced technologies and employees' training allow adapting to the requirements of nowadays market. 350 employees, 12 M turnover.

Description of the Challenge:


The bakery is located in Lithuania and is of the industrial size. It manufactures products ranging from simple bread-loafs to sophisticated-recipe buns, rolls, pastries, cookies, and cakes.

A particular recipe for cookies requires the manufacturer to spray the filling on a piece of cookie dough and fold it in a specific way. While all preceding steps are fully automated, the last one, in particular dough folding, is performed by well-trained, experienced dough folding experts. The bakery is willing to automate this last step in the manufacturing line, in order to eliminate the manufacturing bottle-neck arising from the manual procedure.

The piece of cookie dough before folding is square-shaped with a side length of approximately 10cm. The filling goes on top. To shape the cookie it is required to fold up two opposite-side corners of the square. The corners go slightly further than the middle of the square and lay one over the other and above the filling.


The preferred outcome of the Solution:


A technology, suitable for achieving full automatization is sought. The potential partner shall design and engineer the automatization technology. They shall also manufacture all components and subsequently assemble the equipment. Finally, the partner shall program and test the machinery.

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