FLEXPRO has been a leader in the production of visual advertising digital print products in the Baltic States for over 19 years.

FLEXPRO stands out for its high product quality, fast and guaranteed deadlines and customer-friendliness. The company manufactures and designs a complete set of advertising media for sales outlets, from the display for billboard products to the price tag. Flexpro is one of the largest manufacturers of outdoor advertising posters in the Baltic States. We produce both paper posters and awnings for large panels and specialize in digital packaging.

Description of the Challenge:


Flexpro problem is is the challenge to automate as many manufacturing processes as possible: with 15 or 20 employees on the production line, it is difficult to identify which chain has the least efficiency, where the error is, and where the human factor is. time is lost in finding them.

The preferred outcome of the Solution:

The company's ambition to automate as many manufacturing processes as possible, by expertly evaluating where and what kind of automation, would bring the most benefit and increase production efficiency.

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