Švenčionių Vaistažolės is one of the oldest herb processing plants in the Baltics and on the European continent, which has been operating and enshrining its traditions for many centuries.

The small herb shop that started its purchasing activities in 1883 has now developed into Švenčionių Vistažolės plant, herb processing undertaking, equipped with the modern technological and laboratory facilities, which is bestowed with a number of awards and certificates. Company supplies their top-quality products not only within Lithuania, but also in the markets of Latvia, Estonia, Russian, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, USA and Japan.

It offers a wide range of products, teas and liquid products packaging services, and manufacturing of custom-made unique products with company logos. Company has 90 employees and 4 M Eur turnover.

Description of the Challenge: 

Lithuanian herb processing plant specializes in manufacturing tea made of wild flora. The selection of teas ranges from chamomile, peppermint and thyme to more uncommon flavours like dog rose, calendula and oak bar. In total, around 100 species of plants are used.

Raw material for the teas is mostly collected by hand directly from the wild nature. For this reason, it might be contaminated with physical and biological agents. Raw material is sorted out and decontaminated by hand when it moves on a conveyor belt.

Some herb leaves have millimetre-size insect eggs on them, which hatch when the leaves are already packed in tea bags. Eggs are not visible to a person who decontaminates the raw material due to their small size and/or being on the bottom side of the leaf. For this reason, a technology, which detects and removes the egg-contaminated leaves from the production line, is sought.

For the purpose of solving the eggs-on-leaf problem the firm is seeking a technical cooperation agreement with a partner.

Preferred outcome of the Solution:

Expertise in detectors, spectroscopy or computer vision is sought. The partner should provide a complete solution from inception to completion. In particular, they should design and install necessary equipment.

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