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Via Aquaria UAB is a manufacturer of premium custom made boxes, luxury paper bags, presentation binders, slipcases and other stationery products. Our factory is based in Lithuania and we have all production under one roof. Started at 1996 we have quite an experience and are trusted by many international brands, retailers, advertising agencies. More than 80 % of all our production is exported to our main markets in Scandinavian countries, UK, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland etc. Being fast, productive and flexible, we manufacture awesome products and help our customers to look better, make more money or both. All post-print processes under one roof in EU (Lithuania) located factory. Fast and flexible construction and design solutions. Short production time, fast deliveries across Europe. Hand finish and short runs available. TOC/Lean based production philosophy.

About the problem:

Since we have a very complex variety of products in our production, that differ in size, materials, constructions etc., we constantly face issues to deliver fast price quotations for our customers. Our goal is to have quotes ready in 24 hours after RFQ, but we struggle to achieve this goal. The problem consists of two parts: one part is to calculate the exact material cost fast, another part is to apply a correct mark up on every product since the material cost for the same item can differ dramatically (up to 10 times). To calculate correct material cost we are using super-sophisticated excel tables, that can not cover all the non-standard options customers require. Our quote makers have to be very skilled and have deep knowledge of segment-specific. Training of such people takes around 6 months. Our idea is to create some kind of self-learning, online calculation platform that could partly eliminate highly qualified people of the calculating process.

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